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1 : WEB SITE DESIGN and Development:
The key to competing in the digital economy is business model innovation that exploits the power of businesswebsites. Industry by industry the Internet is taking over the old model of doing business. As a business, small or big you must have an online presence and offer your services, products and company information online, or you will be losing a large customer base to competitors.

To have a successful web site for your business, it takes more than an artist that can come up with the good look for the screen, there are too many aspects of the web site designs that need to be considered to build a professional web site to represent your business and achieve your goals.
We can design, develop, and maintain your entire web-based business, each solution includes a unique design based on our customer input, suggestions, and preferences. Our design team will get all the data collected and provide a prototype for your approval, that include the layout of the site, the colors, styles, logo, banners and any supporting graphics.

We offer Custom professional designs, Database modeling and implementation, server side programming, web-based administration, and much more. Our services include:

-Free consultation to start
-Simple design to full blown site with database
-eCommerce solutions

2 : Software Development
2-1 : Database Client/Server Applications:
In 2005 we established Almohtaseb for accounting and administrative systems ,which is a dedicated company to develop software systems based on client/server technology and develop systems for small and middle companies .
We developed the following systems:
- Accounting system
- Maintenance
- Human Resources
- Restaurants and take away
2-2 : Web based Applications

3 : Interactive Media
We live in digital world ,and any business need this days more and more digital media to connect with more clients by modern methods , websites are one of the most important digital media , but there is another digitals media like Interactive CDs and presentations. Since the beginning of our company we worked with many of our clients to create Interactive media represent our clients Please check our interactive media portfolio

arabEra New 2011 Website
This is beta version of our 2011 website

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